A Wedding Thought: Evolving Circles

24 Oct

Earlier this week I had the distinct privilege and honor of attending the wedding of a dear friend, and his equally dear bride. The bride and groom were radiant, their faces beaming and glowing with happiness and anticipation for the evening ahead and the life that they now begin to create together.

Early in the evening, as the final preparations were being made, the bride and groom were in their respective areas of the wedding venue, each was enveloped by different groups of guests. In one brief moment, I was traveling from one to the other and I could not help but notice how the bride and groom were almost literally encircled by loved ones. Professionally and personally, the bride and groom have also carved out their own circles of influence, each bringing assistance to people when they are most in need, and potentially most vulnerable. Neither of them seek accolades for their work, they recognize a need and address it appropriately, and so their circles grow.

After the ceremonial portion concluded, the dancing and revelry began, as we celebrated the new couple and the joining of their circles. Much like the earlier moment, I took a step back from the excitement and noticed that new circles now surrounded the bride and groom. However, this time the circles were completely mixed, and no longer could you tell who belonged to which family or who was friends with whom, because it no longer mattered. What was wedding had transformed into a colossal national celebration of a Jewish union. New faces would join the dancing, while others would step back, perhaps for a break, and a glass of water. The circles continually evolved in as much as they revolved around the guests of honor, permanent, but never exactly the same, and each new face was graciously received by the bride and groom.

It is my hope that this newly minted couple, incredible as individuals, are strengthened by each other to reach even greater heights. That they continue to meet all of the new faces with compassion as they together create one tremendous circle.

Mazal tov Yisrael and Batya!

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